Eco G Painters, a San Diego Painting Contractor that Knows the Right Coat for Its Customers

Founded in 2003, Eco G Painters, a San Diego painting contractor, set out with a vision to change current residential contractor painting practices by offering a plethora of organic paint knowledge to its customers.

With a multitudinous array of options with paints and coatings on the current market, the choices to provide protection from the environment while simultaneously protecting the environment can possibly confuse the average layman. Using a San Diego painting contractor who knows the ecological influence these paint and coating products create on the surrounding Southern California environment is paramount.

“We’ve been offering clear coatings over most substrates for years,” begins Brando Giron, Owner of Eco G Painters. “These coatings enable our clients to wash off possible graffiti and dirt from their buildings. Of course the prices can vary depending on the finish, and we let them know the impact on their surroundings, their bodies, and their wallets before we start any project.”

An Elastomeric coating, which is a flexible waterproofing system, creates a finish that looks like paint but allows the substrate to crack up to 1/8 of an inch without any visual signs. Normally this coating is used on buildings where water penetration as been a problem already, and using a San Diego painting contractor who is familiar with this product is important. If there are problem areas where rust is an issue, a high performance, low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) Epoxy Polyurethane coating might be best. In cases like this, there is normally an exposure of steel and architectural metal to moisture. With either coating the owner can expect a five to ten year product performance.

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