Eco G Painters, a San Diego Painting Contractor Changing the Status Quo

Founded in 2003, Eco G Painters, also known as GMB Painting Inc, started their San Diego Painting Contractor company with the pure vision of changing the status quo painting practices by using only Low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) for their residential customers.

Paint materials, as most people do know, contain highly volatile compounds that are dangerous for humans and animals. Compounds such as; benzene, toluene, xylene, formaldehyde, and heavy metals have been the standard fare when someone has wanted their house painted. Although people were concerned about their health and the environment, the risk was the price to pay for creating a beautiful home.

“We were very concerned about our clients, the environment, and our other San Diego painting contractor employees,” says Brando Giron, Owner of Eco G Painters. “After awhile the health effects alone could create a great deal of damage. That’s why we decided to go green on all our residential projects. Of course the challenge was to do it without compromising quality.”

Over the past decade, paint manufacturing companies have been working hard at creating organic paints and now this San Diego painting contractor has been able to use eco-friendly paints of superior quality. The paints are certified by LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), Green Seal, Green Guard, and other green agencies.

“These are the only paint materials we’ll use at someone’s residence,” adds Giron.

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