Pet Health

When considering the effects of Volatile Organic Compounds in the home, all occupants should be taken into account, including the family pets.

  • A number of VOCs are considered carcinogenic, and have been proven to cause cancer in animals.
  • VOC’s can be absorbed through the fur or feathers of an animal, ingested when they eat off the floor or lick their own fur, or enter the respiratory system by breathing the fumes.
  • An animal’s exposure to VOC’s can manifest itself in similar symptoms as in humans. It just takes a responsible pet owner to be aware of the sneezing, eye irritation, or respiratory distress of their animal; because they aren’t going to be able to tell you they aren’t feeling well.

By limiting the number of VOC’s in your home, you’re helping yourself and your four-legged, flying, or scaly friend stay happy and healthy.

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