Home Owners Associations

Our goal is to provide the highest quality painting job with outstanding customer service. One of the first questions we ask the homeowner is if they have a particular problem, question or if they are concern about a particular area of the project that may require special attention.

A home owner association unlike some other projects has very unique challenges, the main difference is that we’re not painting a single residence but a multiple residence building and for that reason we treat every wall, every door and every single item as if it was a single residence we also need to have a detail scope of the work to be done.

In this kind of projects we may encounter very different scenarios that will need a specific painting procedure

There is a variety of situations for example if the property is close to the ocean or if the stucco has a lot of cracks or we may encounter water intrusion thru windows. We will need to work directly with a paint manufacture representative (Dunn Edwards, Frazee, Sherwin Williams, ICI. Etc) To determine the best materials/techniques for your buildings. They will walk the job with us to look at the condition of the surfaces to be painted then the paint manufacture representative will make a recommendation for the buildings.

For example if the stucco has a lot of hair line cracks they will recommend a flexible primer to help the finish coat to perform the best. Or if the property has had problems with water intrusion they will recommend an elastometric coating with specific preparation on all expose windows and doors. Or if the property is closed to the ocean they’ll recommend specialty coatings for metals and wood.

Once they walk the job and determine the best painting procedure and materials for you project they will write this procedure for you, this are called the specifications, this specifications are our very “step by step” specific instructions of materials to be used and preparation of how we “Eco G painters” are going to do the work.

A foreman from Eco G Painters and a project manager will be assigned to your project to work with the HOA representative to handle all schedules, materials and equipment storages and any other issues that may come up during and after the paint process.

Once we have the specs and colors approved we are ready to schedule the actual painting of the project.

We will deliver notices to home owners were we give them the start date and a list of their responsibilities to make the painting process a more pleasant experience


  • Move or protect all items expose to water damage
  • Water blast to remove all loose materials
  • Scrape and sand surfaces as needed
  • Apply Patching and spot/full prime on affected areas (stucco, wood, metals, etc.)
  • Apply a full coat of finish paint to stucco surfaces
  • Apply a second coat of finish paint to stucco surfaces*
  • Apply a full coat of paint to all wood surfaces
  • Apply a second coat of paint to wood surfaces*
  • Apply a full coat of finish paint to doors, windows, casings and misc. metals
  • Final detail and touch up
  • Final walk thru and sign off the job

* If required by contract


For your peace of mind Eco G Painters will endorse your property for any damages that may happen during the paint process 

Here are the insurance converges that Eco G Painters Carries for your property

  • Liability - 1,000,000.00 per occurrence
  • Workers compensation - 1,000,000.00 per occurrence
  • Automobile - 1, 000,000.00 per occurrence

We make our clients needs priority one, and use our industry leading knowledge to deliver quality results that are custom fit to your HOA or commercial projects.

As a professional commercial and HOA painting contractor, we offer the following services to these types of professional management services:

  • Property Managers
  • Facility Managers
  • Store Managers
  • General Contractors
  • Landlords
  • Business Owners


Eco-friendly Paint Manufacturers


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Dunn-Edwards Paint

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