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Choosing a House Painter by Eco G Painters

A great paint job not only enhances the appearance of your house, but it also protects the surface from wear and the elements. Regular painting prevents rot and mildew and extends the life of your house while preserving its resale value. It follows that painting your house is a vital part of any homeowner’s home maintenance regimen, and that finding a good painting contractor to do the job is important.
A great paint job using high-quality paints should last you five to ten years.

Why Eco G Painters Prefers Low or No VOC Paints

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are, essentially, fumes. They can be as pleasing and benign as the scent of a pine tree or as toxic as benzene. When it comes to painting, we’re talking about VOCs on the latter end. The VOCs found in paints are solvents added to make them easier to apply; they have also been linked to respiratory problems in adults and children and ozone pollution. The EPA has even pegged some of the painting VOCs as being possibly carcinogenic. (Ever get a headache in a freshly-painted room? Blame the VOCs.)

Why We Use Frazee Paint

Based here in San Diego, California, Frazee Paints is a top-shelf maker and retailer of paints and coatings. At Eco G Painters, we use product from the top manufacturers, only, of course, matching the best paint to the project. Often that paint comes from Frazee’s line.

To Paint San Diego, Choose a San Diego Painter

Which is to say, local knowledge is very important when picking a painting contractor. Humidity, temperature, rain/snow, and UV and saltwater exposure (especially in coastal San Diego) all play an important role in when and how a house or commercial building is painted. That’s why it’s wise to choose a painter who has verifiable experience in your particular micro climate.

Eco G Painters’ Tips for Picking the Best House Painter

Early summer is one of the best times to have your house painted in San Diego. The low humidity and lack of rain (typically, but this spring has been anything but typical) and warm but not blazing temps ensures the best painting conditions. Small wonder it’s one of our busiest times of the year.

Eco G Painters, a San Diego Painting Contractor that Knows the Right Coat for Its Customers

Founded in 2003, Eco G Painters, a San Diego painting contractor, set out with a vision to change current residential contractor painting practices by offering a plethora of organic paint knowledge to its customers.

Eco G Painters, a San Diego Painting Contractor Handling Jobs of All Sizes

Specializing in Organic paints, San Diego painting contractor, Eco G Painters, has been offering fast, reliable and affordable commercial painting services for their business to business clients for many years.

Eco G Painters, a San Diego Painting Contractor Changing the Status Quo

Founded in 2003, Eco G Painters, also known as GMB Painting Inc, started their San Diego Painting Contractor company with the pure vision of changing the status quo painting practices by using only Low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) for their residential customers.

Eco G Painters, a San Diego Painting Contractor Helping Coordinate your Color Scheme

In an attempt to afford homeowners the opportunity to view exterior color schemes together, Eco G Painters, a San Diego Painting Contractor, now offers a Select a Color option on their updated website.

Green House Painting San Diego | Eco G Painters take a Healthy Step

San Diego, CA, March 20, 2009 – In a move to do their part in helping protect the environment, their staff, and their customers, Eco G Painters, a green house painting San Diego Contractor, has initiated a ‘go green’ campaign in Southern California.

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